An Unexpected Adventure…Part 2 Kentucky: Bourbon Trail, Horses and A Memorable Breakfast

Frankfort Kentucky..view from State Capital

Some days are planned….some days are not…and some days the plan changes into something more incredible than you could have imagined.  This was one of those days.

After a quick breakfast, we head out on the open roads with the destination of … well wherever we end up, but shooting for Kentucky.

I am a big horse lover, and I have owned two horses in my life.  If you know anything about Kentucky, you know that it is prime horse country.  I had only one request and that was to go riding on a trail somewhere in Kentucky.

We typically don’t take the interstate highways, preferring the backroads for scenery and to stay away from the busy highways.  We decided to use the highways to get to Kentucky as quickly as we could.  So we zoomed through Michigan, Indiana and Ohio, (roughly for abut 10 minutes).  At last we reached beautiful Kentucky.

After a quick stop for a butt break, because the derriere gets numb after hours of riding, we opted to take a country road that I thought looked inviting and would get us further into Kentucky and close to the Bourbon trail. 

It was on this road, lined with trees overhanging the road, horse ranches, and green grass like I have never seen, that we came upon a riding stable.  I almost jumped off the moving bike with excitement.  Horseback riding… of my passions.  The stable is called Whispering Woods Riding Stable and it is located in Georgetown Kentucky on some of the most beautiful woods and farm land I have ever seen. 

Our humorous and very experienced guide Jessica led up to the stables to get our horses and in minutes we were ready to ride.  Jessica took us through the trails in the lush forests.  We saw deer laying in the ferns beside the trail, jumped over a little creek and had many laughs and a great ride. 

Back on the steel horse we head out towards Frankfort Kentucky, to stay for the night.  I need to note something her to give you a better sense of how free spirited this journey was.  We never made reservations for lodging…ever.  It was see what town we end up in and seek a reasonably priced, relatively clean, close to a bar place to rest our heads.  This is what happened in Frankfort, but it ended up being one of the most memorable places I have ever stayed and a evening I will never forget.

We are tired, hungry, and starting to get…well lets say edgy…with each other.  We can’t find a place to stay, we are pretty lost in this beautiful town and its beginning to feel like we will be sleeping on a bench in the park for the night.  A fellow biker, a complete stranger, sees our distress, stops and when he finds out we need a place to stay says “follow me”.  We do.  And we ended up at a bed and breakfast.. The Meeting House.

Well let just say that this was the beginning of an amazing evening, and a remarkable place filled with history.

Come back to my blog to read all about it… won’t be disappointed.

Life your live….Jan

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